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All Inclusive Boston, Tourism Destination Marketing Campaign of The Hub

Promoting the recovery of the city's tourism and hospitality industriess across all of Boston's neighborhoods.

“All Inclusive Boston” is the latest campaign of The Hub that designed to attract visitors to the city’s tourism and hospitality destinations that have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic.

Beyond tourism, the campaign is also aimed to promote on diversity on the city. Under the tagline “Maybe you don’t know Boston,” promotes minority businesses and attractions that may be less well-known. It showcase Boston as a city with a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists – a city that is welcoming to everyone.

Work on the campaign started under former Mayor Marty Walsh’s administration and organizers said new Mayor Kim Janey represented the diversity the promotion is intended to highlight.

The campaign is promoting Latinx-, LGBTQ-and Black-owned businesses including the Frugal Bookstore in Nubian Square, the city’s only Black-owned bookstore and Suya Joint restaurant in Roxbury.

AS part of the All Inclusive Boston campagin, a dedicated website pages also has been developed as the main hub of the campaign. Ads are also planned to appear in New England and the Tri-State area where potential visitors are within driving distance of Boston.

All Inclusive Boston video ad campaign

Boston has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Revenue is down for the tourism sector as much as 70% and 80% year over year for hotels. As a result, many jobs were eliminated and have not yet come back.

Therefore, the All Inclusive Boston campaign isn’t about bringing droves of visitors here tomorrow; nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, the city hopes to attract people who are planning their summer and fall vacations, hoping they keep Boston in the consideration set for when they’re thinking about where they’re going to take their vacations in the future.

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