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CapNY, Branding Campaign of New York’s Capital Region

Branding campaign to sell the NY's Capital Region to attract new residents and talents that focused on Millennials and GenZ

Officially unveiled by Center for Economic Growth (CEG) and Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy, CapNY is the new branding campaign to sell the New York’s Capital Region to attract new residents and talents that focused on Millennials and GenZ.

Economic developers, business owners and executives have been trying to figure out Albany’s brand and how to sell the Capital Region for years. The coronavirus pandemic also intensified the need to build a regional identity. And there are some signs that the region has seen an influx of people moving from downstate and out-of-state during the pandemic.

As result, the Capital Region’s campaign idea is look at themself as a region, rather than as individual small cities. The campaign’s goal are also defined to keep the 1 million people who already live there, attract more residents and bring in new companies and investment.

As part of the campaign, the new website ( was set up to allow businesses to share the messaging and resources with recruits interested in moving to the Capital Region. The campaign is meant to attract the attention of millennials and Gen Z — two of the most mobile generations.

Over a dozen businesses and individuals invested in a campaign, including ACE, CEG, Overit, Fingerpaint, MVP Health Care, Albany Medical Center and Redburn Development Partners. Chet Opalka, co-founder of Albany Molecular Research, was one of the first to contribute toward the campaign and helped finance the early stages.

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