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Lessons Learned from #GoodnessofJapan Safe Travel Campaign

Goodness of Japan, think beyond destinations, culture, and cuisine that Japan offers.

Good Stories to Tell : #GoodnessofJapan Campaign

Unveiled for the first time by Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) on June 2020, #GoodnessofJapan is the campaign about tradition of goodness and a rich culture that makes Japan a good place to be.

GoodnessofJapan video campaign

On November 2020, a video campaign also released to showcase the best practices of Goodness of Japan that being diligently followed in Japan at airports, transportation, hotels, public areas, restaurants and tourist spots for safety when it’s right to travel.

GoodnessofJapan – Safety, Sanitization, Wellness, Experience video advert

The latest video campaign of #GoodnessofJapan was unveiled by JNTO on April 14, 2021. Based on the success of previous #GoodnessofJapan campaign, JNTO team-up with Yoshinori Tashiro, a famous Japanese Sumo wrestler who has also featured in Tamil films, to continue with the efficacious marketing concept.

Goodness of Japan, feat Yoshinori Tashiro, the Sumo wrestler
Goodness of Japan, feat Yoshinori Tashiro, the Sumo wrestler

The new #GoodnessofJapan campaign resonates with the brand value of safety, cleanliness, and sanitisation; all of which are extremely important in the current scenario.

Through this association, JNTO is trying to communicate all the values that the destination inculcates through this campaign. While the world is coping with the unprecedented pandemic, it is the core values that should be practiced for the safety of everyone.

According to JNTO, the new #GoodnessofJapan campaign want its audience to see Japan in its true state and not just through professional images. Hence, JNTO tailormade an itinerary specially for Yoshinori Tashiro who visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto ending at Okinawa.

Through this latest association with Tashiro, JNTO urges Indian travellers to visit the destination once travel resumes. Having been a part of the Tamil film industry, Tashiro also became aware of the Indian traditions and culture and he finds them a bit similar to Japan. These findings of Tashiro were also incorporated in this campaign to help spread the message more effectively among Indians travellers.

GoodnessofJapan feat. Yoshinori Tashiro, video advert

Lessons Learned, Key Takeaways :

  • The #GoodnessofJapan campaign showcases not just the destinations, culture, and cuisine that Japan offers, but also the best practices and safety standards that are being maintained for travel enthusiasts to come and experience the Goodness of Japan.
  • The #GoodnessofJapan is very unique and first of its kind campaign by JNTO where the focus is not on the tourist spots but on the principles on which Japan stands. It is a glimpse of his journey to some of the popular food joints and attractions like TOKYO SKYTREE, Ryosoku-in Temple, A Taste Of India – Ganesha Restaurant, Kyoto, Tower of the Sun Museum, Osaka Castle, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Kouri Ohashi Bridge while strongly giving out the message of safety, cleanliness, and sanitization.
  • The latest #GoodnessofJapan campaign also successfully emphasises the vegetarian options, which is easily available at close to 2100+ Indian restaurants spread across the country.
  • One of the first things visitors to Japan notice is how clean everything is. Japan is known for being one of the most hygienic destinations. Long before the coronavirus pandemic struck, Japanese people were comfortable with covering their faces — both for medical reasons and to conform with the norms of society. The kids are taught at an early age how to maintain certain cleanliness standards and ensure clean environment. Cleanliness alos lies at the heart of Shinto, (A religion originated in japan) is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people and as old as Japan itself.
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