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Health Travel Switzerland, The Swiss Medical Tourism Campaign

Promoting Swiss health and wellness tourism as global healthcare destination.

Unveiled on April 14, 2021, “Health Travel Switzerland” is video campaign that aimed to promote Swiss health and wellness tourism as global healthcare destination.

Medical tourism in Switzerland is one of the rising star and one of the most growing sectors. The Swiss tourism board, Switzerland Tourism, also plans to turn the country into one of the world’s leading health tourism destinations. Corresponding promotional activities are also planned in the target markets of China, Russia and the Gulf States.

Switzerland Tourism plans to develop more the sector of health tourism and has entered into a partnership with around 30 Swiss hospitals and clinics to develop the image of Switzerland as a health tourism destination.

According to Switzerland Tourism, patients arriving from abroad for private treatment are often accompanied by relatives. The demand for medical treatments is growing strongly, especially for China, Russia and the Gulf states. Therefore, the focus will initially be on these markets.

Health Travel Switzerland video campaign

According to an estimate, medical tourists currently generate around 490,000 overnight stays in Switzerland and, with accommodation, excursions, and meals, a tourism turnover of CHF 196 million (178 million EUR) per year. The Swiss authority expects this tourism sector turnover to increase by a quarter to CHF 245 million (222 million EUR) by 2022.

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