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Make It Marquette, Michigan’s Talent Attraction Initiative for Remote Workers

Talent attraction initiative that designed to drive economic growth of Marquette, Michigan.

Launched on April 19, 2021, “Make It Marquette” is talent attraction initiative that aimed to attract remote workers and foster economic development of the largest city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Make It Marquette initiative is powered by Innovate Marquette Smart Zone, known also as Innovate Marquette, one of 21 SmartZones located throughout the state, that established in 2015 to provide entrepreneurial services to the Marquette County and Upper Peninsula community.

According to Innovate Marquette, the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way society views traditional work structures and lifestyle balance. Many people now see that they can go wherever and work and live wherever.

Through attracting key talented individuals and creating relationships with companies possessing hiring and growth opportunities, Make It Marquette is created to attract, retain, and support the people and ideas that will shape the future of the business economy in Marquette, Michigan.

Marquette is the largest city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, located on the shores of Lake Superior and at the foothills of the Huron Mountains. The city is a major port, known historically for shipping iron ore. Over the last decade, Marquette has gained traction as a hub for outdoor recreation in the Midwest through organizations like the Noquemanon Trail Network and Travel Marquette. Marquette is the home of Northern Michigan University, which is leading the state in programs like cybersecurity and medicinal plant medicine.

The local innovation ecosystem, which includes Innovate Marquette SmartZone and several other local and regional economic development organizations, has identified a dire need to support local entrepreneurs and businesses. With a business, tech, and entrepreneurial ecosystem established and growing, broadband across the entire region, and ample space to enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle, Marquette is an ideal place for those looking to move to a rural location.

Make It Marquette is designed to do just that, while also expanding to welcome new entrepreneurs, tech and remote workers, and businesses to the region.

Make it Marquette, It’s not that Midwest video campaign
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