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Remote Working Campaign of Puerto Rico, Work in Full Color

Destinatinon marketing campaign of Puerto Rico to tap into the remote workers and digital nomad market.

Unveiled on February 2021, “Work in Full Color” is destinatinon marketing campaign of Puerto Rico to tap into the remote workers and digital nomad market.

Tergeted to seasoned digital nomad or a first-time remote worker, the campaign is aimed to promote the idea of working remotely in Puerto Rico. The Island is a great option for travelers looking to work remotely from unique accommodations, seeking warm temperatures, rich history, a plethora of outdoor attractions, delectable cuisine, and an international flair.

The campaign also would like to send the message that Puerto Rico’s natural beauty is just the beginning. The astonishing color palette of Puerto Rico also makes it an alluring place to live and work. From turquoise waves to emerald hills to electric orange sunsets, Puerto Rico has a color palette like nowhere else.

Unlike many other destinations touting their compatibility for remote work, Puerto Rico requires no work visas, passports, or insurance requirements for U.S. citizens. The U.S. Dollar is the only currency and English is widely spoken. The Island currently has 31 internet providers and three 5G networks, which are critical for video conferencing. The Island is in Atlantic Standard Time (AST), which shares the same time for half the year with Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), causing minimal to no disruption to work schedules.

Work in Full Color: Work from Puerto Rico video advert
Blue Improves Performance: Work in Full Color from Puerto Rico video advert
Red Increases Energy: Work in Full Color from Puerto Rico video advert
Green Encourages Balance: Work in Full Color From Puerto Rico video advert

Discover Puerto Rico, the Island’s non-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), believe that remote work is here to stay. But, to turn a destination into a real remote worker destination is long term process. With no understanding of giving back to local digital community, sharing knowledge or making it easier to do business, it’s just tourism as usual.

As part of the campaign to promote remote work in Puerto Rice, the U.S. territory’s tourism board also launched a “Deskover Puerto Rico” progam. A kind of “desk makeover” competition that asking what people could accomplish with two weeks working remotely there. Open to U.S. residents only from April 22 – May 13, six winners will receive one roundtrip economy flight plus 14 nights’ accommodation and free WiFi in Puerto Rico.

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