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Rosewood PlaceMakers, Crafting Culture Through Community

Explore the stories of local destinations through local lens of Rosewood PlaceMakers.

Unveiled by Rosewood Hotels & Resorts on April 22, Rosewood PlaceMakers invites you to explore the stories of local destinations through local lens – to uncover the traditions, to both learn and create alongside the innovators of art, style, food, family, sustainability and health.

According to Rosewood, travel provides more than a change of scenery. It educates, inspires, resets and revives. Most importantly, it offers perspective, reigniting one’s understanding of and connection to the rest of the world.

To honor and amplify the paramount impact of exploration and discovery, Rosewood has partnered with PlaceMakers as the embodiment of Rosewood’s commitment towards elevating culture and community.

Rosewood PlaceMakers itself is a diverse group of individuals who are advancing the ideals of culture and kinship around the world. Rosewood’s PlaceMakers seek to promote meaningful connections and an authentic feeling of affinity and belonging – the most moving and profound benefits of travel that have grown exponentially important in today’s times.

Rosewood PlaceMakers taps the beacons of Rosewood’s communities to harness local culture through bespoke experiences. This approach pairs seamlessly with Rosewood’s core philosophy, that A Sense of Place exists beyond the physical form and is also discovered in the intangible essence of community.

The PlaceMakers are the conductor of culture and community. They are the people who give voice and character to their communities through their purpose-driven points of view and ensuing innovations, ultimately transforming a space into a ‘place’ ripe for discovery.

Authorities in art, science and culture, PlaceMakers offer opportunities for exploring their niche areas of expertise while simultaneously highlighting the essential elements and traits of their respective destinations.

Carefully created for Rosewood guests and brand loyalists, each PlaceMaker will grant guests privileged access to his or her locale through unique activations and programming, digital productions and expertly curated destination guides. By extending this new, insider’s lens through which to take in a location, Rosewood’s PlaceMakers intend to initiate strong, lifelong connection through shared experience.

Introducing Rosewood PlaceMakers video campaign

Rosewood PlaceMakers span six pillars of expertise including Art & Entertainment, Style & Design, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellbeing, Family & Lifestyle, and Sustainability.

Launching today are the first set of PlaceMakers: Philip Huang, a sustainable clothing designer, on behalf of Rosewood Phuket; Catie Miller and Boniface Verney-Carron of Oona Series, an innovative and multi-dimensional wellness platform, on behalf of Rosewood London; and Liu Min and Ian Hylton of Ms MIN, one of China’s most innovative luxury fashion labels, on behalf of Rosewood Beijing.

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