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#WYResponsibly, 2021 Summer Travel Campaign of Wyoming

Responsible travel campaign for summer holidays season of The Cowboy State.

Wyoming Office of Tourism planned to kick off the summer travel season with the launch its second year of the WY Responsibly campaign that aimed to educate and facilitate responsible travel throughout Wyoming’s natural spaces, wildlife encounters and community engagement.

Known as the least populated state, Wyoming was uniquely positioned as a destination for those looking to enjoy wide-open spaces in a socially-distant environment. Wyoming’s local communities and businesses worked hard past year to safely welcome visitors, and now in a much better position because of their resiliency.

According to the 2020 Economic Impact of Travel in Wyoming report, conducted by Dean Runyan Associates, in a year when travel was limited, and socially distant destinations were in greater demand, Wyoming’s travel economy only declined by 23 percent, whereas the U.S. travel economy declined by 36 percent.

Wyoming will put $2.5 million of a federal grant toward marketing the Cowboy State’s tourism opportunities this year. As a separate part of the CARES Act, the grant is from the U.S. Department of Commerce and earmarked for tourism marketing to help states’ tourism economies recover.

According to Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT), the money will go toward a fully integrated, layered marketing approach that will use research to target demographics most likely to act upon a marketing message. Individuals who have already been identified as interested in the outdoors and cowboy culture will see ads promoting Wyoming as a destination show up when using social platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Print ads in magazines like Outside Magazine and TV spots are another facet to the approach.

The 2021 summer travel campaign is utilize the recovery campaign strategy and existing assets while leveraging That’s WY brand to target potential visitors. The campaign also continue to position Wyoming as the location for wide-open spaces filled with opportunities to seize adventure and find release.

Seen Everything, Wyoming video campaign
Footprints, Wyoming video campaign
Release, Wyoming video advert
More Space, Wyoming video advert
6 People per Square Mile, Wyoming video advert

As part of the campaign, Wyoming Office of Tourism also united with 10 national-and state-level outdoor agencies to provide resources to have a sustainable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

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