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Ohio’s Regional Destination Marketing Campaign, Reach for the Top

Regional marketing campaign to promote Ohio as a place to live, learn, work and play.

Unveiled on May 2, 2021, “Reach for The Top” is the latest Ohio’s broadcast TV commercial of the Live, Learn, Work and Play’s regional campaign.

The campaign is launched by TourismOhio and aimed to help promote the state to eager travelers who have been cooped up at home for a year.

The Buckeye State’s campaign includes a broader message than in previous years, targeting not only potential visitors but also people who might consider relocating to Ohio.

The “Reach for The Top” is one of the ads that shocases not only Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Dayton Air Show, but also the Cleveland Clinic, Lakewood Public Library and GE Aviation’s Peebles Test Operation in Adams County to send the message on the broader goal of promoting the state as a place to live, learn, work and play.

Reach for the Top – Ohio’s broadcast TV commercial

According to the state Development Services Agency, the campaign’s goal is to each people who are looking to re-locate for education or business opportunities as well as help Ohio’s tourism industry come back strong as the pandemic concludes.

As people are packing up to look for more affordable places to locate their businesses and live their lives, the Buckeye State want to invite them by telling the story of Ohio, as well as to position Ohio as the place to be.

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