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Summer Advertising Campaign of New Hampshire, Discover Your New

Come, Explore, and Discover Your New in New Hampshire. It's a Summer of Discovery and Rediscovery.

Unveiled on May 9, 2021, “Discover Your New” is the summer advertising campaign of The Granite State, New Hampshire, that expect summer tourism spending could rebound to neat 2019 levels.

“Discover Your New” advertising campaign is the iteration of last year’s year campaign with different target and objectives. Last year, the 2020’s out-of-state campaign was aimed to help visitors continue with the “Dream” phase of vacation planning, thinking about future travel. The in-state camapign itself was aimed to encourages residents to vacation in New Hampshire while supporting local businesses.

This year, the advertising campaign would like to send the message “to come, explore everything The Granite State has to offer, and Discover Your New in New Hampshire”. The state Division of Travel and Tourism Development is expected that this season to be a summer of discovery and rediscovery for visitors.

Targeted to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio, “Discover Your New” summer advertising campaign is focused on hiking, boating, camping and family fun.

Discover Your New: Summer advertising campaign

Summer is typically the busiest season for tourism in the state. Last summer, visitation dropped 15% because of the pandemic. But officials expect a rebound based on pent-up demand for travel and the state’s high vaccination rate, strong economy and tourism assets.

The state Division of Travel and Tourism Development is predicting there will be nearly 3.5 million visitors to New Hampshire this summer, with spending reaching $1.8 billion.

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