#ReunitedAtLast, High-Speed Train Travel Campaign by Thalys

Discover Europe by train. It's finally time to reunite with the ones you had to miss for so long.

Unveiled on May 7, 2021, #ReunitedAtLast is the new digital and social media based travel campaign by French-Belgian high-speed train operator, Thalys.

According to Thalys, it’s finally time to reunite with the ones you had to miss for so long. The new #ReunitedAtLast ad campaign rekindles the strong emotions of its travellers, signals the desire to inspire them to travel again.

Available in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and coordinated by DDB Paris, the #ReunitedAtLast ad campaign revives the emotions of the reunion of its travellers in an unexpected sanitary context that prevents them from getting together.

The #ReunitedAtLast ad campaign invites travellers to remember the charm and poetry of a train journey: the landscapes that pass, the distance that fades and the joy of being able, finally, to meet again. As a family, as a couple, as friends, it is these stories that begin aboard the train that Thalys wishes to continue writing with its travellers.

Thalys: revive the emotions of a reunion #ReunitedAtLast​ video ad campaign

Since the 1st of May 2021, the increased circulation of red trains between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne has enabled Thalys to reaffirm its “raison d’être”: to promote sustainable mobility and strengthen European ties and to develop economic, cultural and social exchanges in Europe.

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