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Spring/Summer 2021 Tourism Marketing Campaign of Alaska

Promotional advertising campaign to encourage Americans to visit Alaska as a COVID-safe destination.

Kicked off by Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, the 2021 Spring/Summer tourism marketing campaign of The Last Frontier is aimed to promote Alaska and Alaska’s tourism as a COVID-safe destination.

The Governor Mike Dunleavy itself stars in the new commercial of Alaska showcase Juneau’s Mount Roberts Tramway, Alaska Railroad, a kayaker near blue ice, bears catching fish, a moose, people gold panning and fishing, and a dogsled ride on a glacier. The ad bills the state as an exotic but COVID-safe locale in an effort to boost independent travel amid cruise ship cancellations linked to the pandemic.

The tourism campaign is planned with targeted advertisements on national television programs, radio, and digital platforms throughout the spring and summer to encourage Americans to visit Alaska as a COVID-safe destination.

Come Visit Alaska in Summer 2021

The Alaska Tourism Marketing Campaign will include $4 million dollars of television, $500,000 of radio, and $500,000 of digital advertisements for a total of 1,700 spots over six and a half weeks. As part of the campaign, the Alaska Travel Industry Association, the nonprofit that manages the Travel Alaska statewide destination marketing program, is also providing its website for more information.

The Alaska Travel Industry Association is managing a separate national paid digital campaign to encourage travelers with the slogan: “Go Big, Go Alaska.

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