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Little Island, Big Barbados. Marketing Campaign Refresh of Barbados

Refreshed marketing campaign that aimed to inform the world of the many offerings the Barbados island.

Launched on May 14, 2021, “Little Island, Big Barbados” is the new theme of the refreshed marketing campaign that aimed to inform the world of the many offerings the 166 square mile Eastern Caribbean island has to offer.

As countries emerge from the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and people begin to travel again, the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) is seeking to make Barbados as the number one of choice for holidaymakers.

Set to become a major force to be reckoned with in tourism, the refreshed marketing strategy posits area that the island is “big on”, including love, adventure, flavour, vibes, peace, personality and legacy.

Under the new ultra marine accentuated slogan “Little Island, Big Barbados”, the new campaign will share various stories of the island and individuals through video presentations, with the hope of depicting tiny details about the island and leaving a big impression.

According to BTMI, the “Little Island, Big Barbados” campaign had three core elements. The first is Barbaados’ brand personality, which much like the proud of the people. Barbados’ people take pride in their history and heritage.

The second element is the tone. It captures the local spirit as Barbados invite visitors into the conversations with the local dialect and jargons sprinkled throughout the art work, videos and communications. Barbados’ people are a colourful people and the brand design reflects just that.

The Barbados brand is a bright, bold pot of colour which takes us to the third core element of the design, the pattern mosaic, which has been created to accompany the brand components, reflecting the fundamentals of Barbadian life that are interconnected and core to who they are.

Little Island, Big Barbados – Brand Marketing Refresh of Barbados

Upcoming events under the campaign include Little Barbados Big Summer; Little Island Big Treasure Hunt; Barbados in a Box Workshop, which will see Betty West tutor visitors on how to make a crop over costume; a national mural competition; events targeted at achieving Guinness Book of Records titles, and the relaunch of some attractions, such as Harrison’s Cave.

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