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Marion Remote, Destination Campaign of Marion County for Remote Workers

Initiative to promote Marion County, West Virginia, as a dream destination for remote workers.

Officially launched on May 19, 2021, Marion Remote is an initiative that aimed promote Marion County, West Virginia, as the dream destination for remote workers and anyone who looking to “live here, work there” lifestyle.

The idea of Marion Remote first arose in mid-2020 when many U.S. workers were relegated to working from their homes by multiple stay-home orders state’s passed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. From there, the idea grew into developing a structure, a budget and gathering corporate sponsors.

Marion Remote is developing numerous unique and proactive strategies to strategically position Marion County to capture the talented, educated, and well-compensated leaders to Marion County who can live here and work there.

Marion Remote is more that just an ad campaign to convince people to move to Marion County, West Virginia. The program aims to improve the quality of life in Marion County.

Why Marion County, WV? – Marion Remote video advert

Based on the grassroots, a large facet of Marion Remote is the involvement of the community members and their expertise. This is what makes Marion Remote different that other project like Ascend WV. A group of ambassadors also has been assembled to assist with any questions or needs someone moving to Marion County might have.

With West Virginia’s population showing the sharpest decline in the country in the 2020 Census, Marion County hopes remote workers are the solution. The last census count showed West Virginia declined in population by almost 70,000 residents since 2010. The hope is that projects such as Marion Remote, and the similar Ascend WV program, which offers a cash incentive for remote workers to come to the Mountain State, will bolster the state’s population.

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