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All Kinds of Natural, Domestic Marketing Campaign of Eurobodalla, Australia

Domestic tourism campaign to showcase Eurobodalla shire's great offerings through the winter months.

Unveiled by Eurobodalla Tourism on the start of May 2021, “All Kinds of Natural” is the second iteration of marketing campaign that showcase the shire’s great offerings through the winter months to the Canberra, Sydney, Regional NSW and Regional Victoria markets.,

The “All Kinds of Natural” tourism campaign is to share the newa that Eurobodalla has sprung back stronger and more stunningly beautiful than ever after devastating drought, the most damaging fires in Australia’s history and COVID-19 pandemic.

The “All Kinds of Natural” marketing campaign is also aimed to reestablish the resion as one of the most naturally diverse destinations with offering all year around. The campaign will continue to build on the brand awareness of Eurobodalla into its key markets as well as working alongside a coversion campaign to drive direct bookings to the region.

According to Eurobodalla Tourism, the first launch of the “All Kinds of Natural” marketing campaign during the 2020/2021 summer period brought shoire’s total visitor psending of $132 million, nearly doubled from the previous year of $72 million.

With strong growth of accommodation booking through March and April, Eurobodalla Shire Council has just launched the second iteration of the All Kinds of Natural campaign via Jimjam Ideas, in conjunction with Humble Productions.

The digital marketing campaign is consists of 60-second video advert, and 30-sencond and 15-second video adverts to seed social media channel such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Winter in Eurobodalla, 60-sec tourism video advert
Winter in Eurobodalla, 30-sec tourism video advert

The “All Kinds of Natural” marketing campaign would like to remind Australia that Eurobodalla is not only open for business but has replenished and reinvigorated itself beyond all expectations and against all odds.

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