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German. Local. Culture. #YoursTrulyGermany Tourism Marketing Campaign

International marketing campaign on a journey beyond the standard checklist of tourist hotspots.

Debuted for the first time on May 2021, #YoursTrulyGermany is tourism marketing campaign that aimed to inspire travellers to journey off the beaten track when exploring Germany, beyond the standard checklist of tourist hotspots.

Launched by German National Tourism Board (GNTB), the #YoursTrulyGermany campaign is part of Germany’s global effort to help boost the numbers of international tourists who want to visit the country.

As Germany reopen to international tourists who have been vaccinated from June 25, 2021, GNT anticipate that there will be a strong growth in interest from travellers, especially during the summer season.

Under the new rules, international travellers who wish to enter Germany must provide proof that they have received an approved coronavirus disease vaccine. To ensure tourism remains safe for all, visitors are required to register at to gain entry, which includes uploading proof of vaccination against Covid-19 in digital or paper form (e.g. WHO vaccination booklet) with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This must also be printed and carried as proof. Vaccines approved include Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. A period of at least 14 days must have elapsed since receiving the last vaccine dose.

German. Local. Culture. #YoursTrulyGermany video campaign
German. Local. Flair. #YoursTrulyGermany video campaign
German. Local. Craft. #YoursTrulyGermany video campaign
German. Local. Green. #YoursTrulyGermany video campaign
German. Local. Taste. #YoursTrulyGermany video campaign

Germany has a wealth of summer activities for international travellers, from spa and wellness breaks, and nature trails through forests, to city-based culinary experiences and cultural explorations across multiple regions.

With over a third of Germany covered in woodlands and forests, travellers can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking through the Black Forest in Baden-Baden, taking in the views of Neuschwanstein Castle (which inspired the famous Disney castle), or strolling through the Bavarian Forest National Park.

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