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#OdePiitaanemaanPledge, Sustainable Tourism Campaign by Peterborough & The Kawarthas

Peterborough & The Kawarthas invite you to join the community of communities to make a commitment to be kind and respect all creation.

Debuted July 5, 2021, O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge is the tourism campaign that aimed to encourages residents and visitors to respect the land, waterways, and communities of the region.

Launched by Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism, a division of Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development and the offical destination marketing organization for the city and county of Peterborough, the “O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge” campaign is based on indigenous teaching of the Michi Saagiig Anishinaabeg.

The O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge itself represents a universal and evergreen value, respect. Respect for the land, respect for each other, and respect for those who will come after us. The Michi Saagiig Anishinaabeg of Curve Lake First Nation and Hiawatha First Nation uphold the traditional teaching, Mnaadendamowin – to give respect to all creation – as a means of living sustainably and in balance with the land, waterways and each other.

According to Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism, respect for the people, culture, and natural spaces we depend on, for future generations – for each other – has never been more important, and the O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge is meant to unify everyone for whom Peterborough & the Kawarthas lives within their hearts.

As part of the campaign, a dedicated campaign page also has been created at, as well as video ad campaign.

The O’de Piitaanemaan Pledge, Peterborough & The Kawarthas video ad campaign

Under the hastag #OdePiitaanemaanPledge with a goal of reaching more than 500 pledges by the end of the year, Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism also encourage everyone to take the pledge and share it with friends and family via social media.

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