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#FeelGoodGermany, Global Sustainable Travel Campaign of Germany

Global campaign with sustainability as the key of the theme of tourism demand that focus on sustainable offerings.

Unveiled by German National Tourism Board (GNTB) on July 2021, “Feel Good” tourism campaign is the initiative that illustrate the various sustainable tourism offerings across the country, while providing guidelines on how to still visit the natural landscapes, urban attractions, and historical sites that Germany is popular for.

According to GNTB, the Covid-19 pandemic has made travellers around the world even more concerned about sustainability. Unspoilt nature, careful use of resources and a focus on wellbeing are gaining in importance. The “Feel Good” sustainable campaign itself is also based on this trend and expand it to promote Germany as tourism destination.

The “Feel Good” campaign includes a selection of cities, regions and accommodation providers that are particularly committed to sustainability in tourism. The tousim campaign also showcases specific travel experiences that bring sustainable products and services at the destination to life. These experiences allow travellers to engage with locals and discover sustainability at first hand.

The “Feel Good” tourism campaign focus on four different clusters that have been created to better outline the offerings: “Active Outdoors”, “Education and Experiences”, “Responsible Enjoyment” and “Sustainable Experiences in Towns and Cities”. As part of the campaign, tips for sustainable travel complement the information on offer, while a multilingual CO2 calculator enables travellers to document their trip’s emissions and offset them through their local schemes.

FeelGoodGermany, sustainable tourism video campaign

Deutshe Bahn is also involved as premium partner and delivering the “Feel Good” tourism campaign. As Germany’s national rail provider, Deutsche Bahn has initiated numerous measures to protect the climate, nature and resources, reduce noise pollution and meet its sustainability goals.

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