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Remote Work Opportunities in West Virginia, Ascend Lewisburg

Applications for remote work opportunities in Lewisburg, West Virginia, are now open.

Ascend West Virginia, known also as Ascend WV, the talent attraction and retention program for remote workers who seeking a high-quality lifestyle in the mountains of West Virginia, is now accepting applications for its next host city: Lewisburg.

As Ascend WV welcomes its first class of remote workers to the first host city, Morgantown, the program is now accepting applications for its next location. Tailored to its greatest strength, outdoor recreation, Ascend Lewisburg is looking for people who aligned with what the state and the program had to offer and wanted to bring their talents to the mountain state.

Dubbed America’s Coolest Small Town, Lewisburg is situated in West Virginia’s stunning Greenbrier Valley. Lewisburg is only 40 minutes from America’s newest national park – the New River Gorge Park and Preserve – and is home to 203 mountain bike trails, 2,280+ climbing routes, and 138 paddling runs.

Lewisburg is the perfect spot to escape big-city life without sacrificing modern living. It’s a picture-perfect small town with a charming downtown, thriving arts scene, and accessible outdoor recreation. For anyone looking to put down roots in a friendly, sophisticated place with superb quality of life, Lewisburg is a dream come true.

Interested participants who ready to make the move to West Virginia and receive $12,000 (plus a year of free outdoor recreation) could submit their application for Ascend Lewisburg.

Based on the inaugural Morgantown class, Ascend West Virginia’s acceptance rate was less than 1%. Therefore, applicants (who applied for the first class) also were encouraged to resubmit their applications for subsequent classes and/or future locations.

Ascend West Virginia video marketing campaign

The Ascend WV program itself is planned to welcome more than 1,000 new remote workers to the Mountain State over the next five years.

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