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#FALLinLoveWithCroatia, Autumn Social Media Campaign of Croatia Tourism

Promotional campaign of Cratia tourism on the social media networks for autum season.

Launched by the Croatian National Tourist Board, #FALLinLoveWithCroatia is the mini-autum promotional campaign of Croatia tourism that run on social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok.

Aime of maintaining the visibility and promotion of Croatia as a tourist destination with an interesting offer in the autumn part of the tourist year, the #FALLinLoveWithCroatia campaign highlight the rich autumn beauties and attractions of Croatian destinations.

The #FALLinLoveWithCroatia campaign is carried out in cooperation with the system of tourist boards in the country in order to highlight through social networks all the best that their destinations offer visitors in the off-season, from interesting places, attractive locations of local parks, promenades to traditional activities such as grapes, olives, mandarins, production pumpkin and olive oil to pick mushrooms, collect chestnuts and prepare indigenous gastronomic delicacies from autumn fruits.

The #FALLinLoveWithCroatia campaign features the richness of wildlife, magnificent plants, and mysterious animals, birds, butterflies, and wild beasts that will captivate tourists who will to visit Croatia this autumn. During autumn, tourists could enjoy the fascinating colors, breath in the fresh air, visit the most mesmerizing castles, stay in magical houses, taste unique cuisine inspired by nature itself, and much more Croatia has to offer.

As part of the campaign, the #FALLinLoveWithCroatia campaign is also open to all loyal domestic and foreign followers of social networks Croatia Full Of Life who want to share their autumn activities experienced in the destinations using #FALLinLoveWithCroatia hashtag.

The #FALLinLoveWithCroatia campaign on the social networks also carried out with the action Month of Croatian Tourism and with the campaign “Experience the local. Explore rural Croatia!” in order to motivate as many travel enthusiasts as possible to visit Croatian destinations outside the main summer part of the tourist year.

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