Destinations, Reimagine Tourism Post-COVID Vaccination

Emerging niche, new travel styles and a shift in traveler expectations are the trends to watch on destination marketing.

As COVID-19 permeated across the world in 2020, travel marketing will not the the same again. The pandemic has obviously presented many challenges to destinations, but it also offer opportunities. As the wise main said, every cloud has a silver lining.

Destination USA

Marketing the USA during chllenging times, and beyond COVID-19 pandemic.

From East Coast explorations, Central USA adventures, to West Coast getaways, there’s always something good in the United States.

As a continually evolving international coronavirus situation means it’s not possible to say when international travel will get on track again. It’s time to rediscover the USA.

Learn how the USA’s diverse destinations marketing and find the knowledge you need to build your tourim campaign.

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Destination Europe

Europe invites the curious, the one who love European nature, creative cities, or history.

Europe always inspires connections, experiences and memories that stretch beyond borders. From nature at it owns pace, creative neighbourhoods of artists and creators, to history that shaped the present.

Europe is the second smallest continent on Earth, but with almost 50 countries and over 740 million people, it is a home to an unrivalled diversity of landscapes, cultures, communities and history that stretch far beyond individual nations.

Learn how Europe’s diversity could inspire and encourages travelers around the globe to visit the Old Continent.

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It’s not where you go, it’s the memories you make.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, staycations is on the rise and more popular than ever. Loud and clear.

Despite the limited travel options and vaccine roll out, the underlying demand for holidays remain strong and DMOs can expect surge in booking once travel restrictions are lifted.

As travel slowly starts to pick back up across the world, more and more DMOs promote their tourism destination to the domestic market and encourages people to explore more, beyond the popular and iconic tourist hotspot.

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Destination Academy

Reimagine Tourism Marketing Post-COVID Vaccination

COVID-19 pandemic triggered DMOs to reevaluate its activities, refocus, rebuild, and develop a new strategic framework on moving forward as well as preparing for the post-pandemic era with greater attention to health, hygiene and safety. After all, adapting to change has always been part of what destination marketing has elegantly done.

Destination marketing by DMOs will be reinvented, with data and experiences as the new differentiator. Winning the disposable travel dollar will turn on more than just whose beaches are more pristine, whose museums are more inspiring, whose restaurants are more imaginative.

How will travelers determine their first post‐vaccine destinations? A passion for Parios, the romance of Rome, or the allure of Acapulco?

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