Lessons Learned, #CroatiaYourNewOffice Remote Working Campaign for Digital Nomads

Learning form the first wave of "Croatia, Your New Office" campaign for digital nomads.

Good Stories to Tell : #CroatiaYourNewOffice campaign

The idea for the digital nomad visa was actually sparked by Jan de Jong, a Dutch entrepreneur and investor. De Jong first floated the idea of attracting digital nomads as long-term tourists in April 2020 as a panel member of a virtual conference exploring how to turn Croatia into a year-round destination.

At the beginning of 2021, the country announced its new long-stay visa to welcome digital nomads to Croatia. According to the legislation introduced in December 2020, anyone from outside the EU working as a remote employee or for their own foreign-registered company can apply for a one-year residence permit on arrival.

Croatia recognizes the opportunity in the context of the development of year-round tourism. On mid-March 2021, “Croatia, Your New Office” is launched by Croatian National Tourist Board to welcome digital nomads who want to work remotely in Croatia.

Go Remote. Croatia, Your New Office campaign for digital nomads
Go Remote. Croatia, Your New Office campaign for digital nomads

Targeted to the markets of the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, the remote work campaign were conducted on the social networks Facebook and Twitter which were aimed exclusively at the target group of potential digital nomads.

Running under the hashtag #CroatiaYourNewOffice, the campaign landing page (digitalnomads.hr) and subpage Croatia Your New Office were created and available on the official CNTB’s website Croatia.

Lessons Learned, Key Takeaways

City of Zagreb, Your New Office - Croatia Remote Work Campaign for Digital Nomads
City of Zagreb, Your New Office – Croatia Remote Work Campaign for Digital Nomads
  • Croatia is one of the first members of European Union (EU) to regulate a one-year temporary stay for digital nomads, and this is the result of cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (HR), the Ministry of Health, Ministries of Finance and Ministry of Tourism and Sport.
  • According to Croatian National Tourism Board, the “Croatia, Your New Office” were conducted (only) on Facebook and Twitter and had over 8 million impressions were achieved from mid-March to mid-April 2021.
  • Croatia has the necessary preconditions to become an attractive and desirable destination for digital nomads, and will continue to carry out the necessary activities to be as successful as possible.
  • #CroatiaYourNewOffice ia part of the first wave of the campaign for digital nomads. The second wave of the “Croatia, Your New Office” promotional campaign is planned for the second half of 2021.
  • It is important to note that on the campaign page most searches are for the conditions and steps that must be met in order to obtain a staying permit for “digital nomads”, but also the content available in certain destinations. The data also show that the most interesting products looked at include active holidays, nature, culture and eno-gastronomy, but also destinations such as Central Dalmatia, Istria, Dubrovnik and Zagreb.
  • The fact that Croatia is recognized as an interesting destination for digital nomads is confirmed by media coverage in renowned foreign publications and media such as GEO, Lonely Planet, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Mirror and The Independent, which have dedicated their recent articles to digital nomads in Croatia.

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