Lesson Learned from Global Tourism Marketing Campaign “Enjoy My Japan”

Enjoy My Japan, craft your own personalised (virtual) travel video of Japan based on interests and passions.

Good Stories to Tell: Enjoy My Japan Campaign

Spotted on the end of April 2021, multilingual concept movies of “Enjoy My Japan” has been (re)uploaded (again) on the official YouTube channel of The Land of The Rising Sun, Japan.

Entittled with “Enjoy My Japan”, the multilingual promotional videos would like to send the message that Japan literally has something for everyone. Interested user could visit the dedicated campaign’s website (enjoymyjapan.jp) that show a broad range of activities and scenes of Japan. The campaign website also lets users to create personalised videos to discover some of Japan’s best tourist attractions, based on their interest.

Enjoy my Japan, Concept Movie 15sec.(EN) – JNTO promotional ads

Lessons Learned, Key Takeaways

Dating back to February 2018, “Enjoy My Japan” is global, multilingual tourism campaign that seeks to entice long-haul travellers to visit Japan and explore the country beyond the well-known popular attractions, and immerse themselves more fully in the rich depths of Japanese nature and culture that exist off the beaten tourist path.

Launched by Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO), “Enjoy My Japan” tourism campaign is extensive, multifaceted promotion that involves a broad variety of initiatives and strategically targeted digital advertisements, and television commercials to be aired in multiple markets.

Enjoy my Japan, Concept movie full version by JNTO – 20218 video campaign

“Enjoy May Japan” tourism campaign is a major addition to efforts made in recent years by both public and private sectors in Japan to attract more visitors from overseas. “Enjoy May Japan” tourism campaign is designed to target in particular travellers from Europe, North America, and Australia. Long a popular destination for regional travellers from Asia Pacific nations, who comprise some 85% of visitors at 2018, Japan’s inbound market has plenty of room for growth for travellers from western countries, who currently make up 11% of visitors.

Enjoy my Japan, Journey to the heart of Japan by JNTO – 2019 video campaign

A cornerstone of the campaign is the message that Japan literally has something for everyone, and that whatever it is a long-haul traveller goes to an overseas destination for, Japan is ready, willing, and waiting to fulfil their passions. In addition to satisfying visitors from abroad with the familiar, iconic sites and things to see and do that Japan has long been known for, there is also a desire to foster a richer and more personal experience by making lesser-known places and activities more accessible, especially to families and adventure travellers.

Enjoy my Japan, Find yourself in paradise by JNTO – 2019 video campaign

The campaign theme, Enjoy my Japan, expresses interactions between international travellers and Japanese people, in addition to inviting visitors to create their own personal relationship with the country as a preferred destination. An intrinsic component of the campaign is to motivate Japanese people to open their arms to visitors from abroad, and to show and tell them just what it is that”s so special about their country.

In order to construct and hone the focus of the campaign, avid travellers were surveyed to identify the things they find most alluring when choosing a destination abroad. Survey results revealed a series of commonly recurring “passion points” that make up a satisfying trip, which were categorised and compiled into a list of locations and experiences designed to fulfil travellers’ passions: cuisine, tradition, nature, city, relaxation, art, outdoor. A series of brief video clips were then produced to bring them all to life, and are available for viewing at the campaign website (enjoymyjapan.jp).

Campaign website’s visitors can also craft their own “virtual tour” of Japan by answering a few quick questions about their interests to generate a “personalised movie” with scenes that show the types of sites and experiences that are on offer from one end of Japan to the other that could pique their interest.

Enjoy My Japan, user personalised movie that features natural scenery and local authenticity
Enjoy My Japan, crafted personalised movie based on interest and passion

According to JNTO, one’s personal engagement with Japan starts at the website. It continues with enriching experiences like summer and winter adventure sports, spring and autumn mountain treks and steam train rides, and seaside cycling excursions. Any time of year, Japan offers fine dining and mouth-watering street fare, vibrant nightlife in safe and spectacular cities, virtually unlimited shopping and entertainment options, exposure to ancient traditions that still exist side-by-side with emerging pop cultural trends, and physical and spiritual rejuvenation at remote hot springs, spas, and Zen Buddhist retreats.

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