Lessons Learned, #ThePowerofSimple Campaign by Kissflow

Learning from The Power of Simple, a digital workspace brand campaign of Kissflow.

Good Stories to Tell : #ThePowerofSimple by Kissflow

Launched on March 2021, #ThePowerofSimple is a brand campaign of Kissflow that move the company’s positions as a challenger brand in the digital workspace category.

According to Kissflow, when polling a group of digital workers about their biggest productivity-killers, the problem with today’s workplaces became clear: nearly 43% of respondents cited too many digital tools as the reason for decreased levels of productivity, with more than half saying reducing the number of tools would increase productivity.

Work can bring many levels of complexity, therefore Kissflow wanted to drill down to the core of what really matters, and that’s designing a culture that empowers employees to work productively, collaboratively and with ease, minus the chaos that multiple digital tools can inflict.

As result, Kissflow provides one solution that unites people in collaborative work across workstreams no matter where they are. Kissflow was among the first in the industry to explore a hybrid work model, REMOTE+, which enables employees to enjoy the benefits of both remote work and co-located, in-office work.

As part of the brand campaign, Kissflow also released ad film that express Kissflow Digital Workplace’s ability to solve complex problems with childlike simplicity. The face of the brand is a little girl, who goes about solving problems in her environment in the simplest, yet smartest way.

Power of Simple: Less drama, more ease – Kissflow Digital Workplace brand video campaign.

Key Takeways :

Drawing on the purest form of simple, childlike awe and creativity, Kissflow created (short) film that lead viewers into the simple, uncomplicated world of a child solving everyday problems. These film depict a simple approach to problems that can be uncovered with lateral thinking. It is Kissflow’s core belief that the easiest way to solve a problem is to uncomplicate it.

The face of the brand on the ad film is a little girl. Making a little girl the face of a big tech company is not only endearing, but also an extremely progressive move. Tech is hugely seen as a highly male dominant, left brained field. Challenging this stereotype, the films are steeped in very simple human emotions that are widely relatable and charming, enabling the brand to have more relevant conversations that are inclusive, and new age.

The Power of Simple, Little Girl as Brand Face of Kissflow
The Power of Simple, Little Girl as Brand Face of Kissflow

“The Power of Simple” campaign is also crafted much beyond just a brand proposition, a punchline, or even a tagline. It is a movement that will change the face of work for decades to come. It is the embodiment of what Kissflow Digital Workplace does. It brings high levels of simplicity to complex work tasks and automates mundane tasks and lets employees work better in a happy and simplified environment by letting them focus on getting things done instead of wasting time figuring out how to do them.

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