Remote Work, The Knowledge Base

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. - Ben Franklin.

From remote work programs to local economic development, from virtual platforms to destination marketing campaign, “Remote Work, The Knowledge Base” is the learning compass (of remote working).

“Remote Work, The Knowledge Base” is an evolving learning framework that sets out an aspirational vision for the future of tourism, travel and hospitality industry based on remote work trend as point of view.

As learning compass, “Remote Work, The Knowledge Base” is also aimed to supports the wider goals of destination management and provides the point of orientation towards the future of travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Remote Work Programs

From remote working visa to custom financial incentive for remote workers and digital nomads, remote work has lasting impact on the destinations. Countries and DMOs are starting retail recruiting the remote workers, which includes marketing campaigns and processes to manage applicants. Remote work is serious (tourism) business.

Local Economic Development

Remote workers need a number of assets, such as a co-working space, housing, schools/child care, a favorable cost of living, amenities like restaurants, parks, museums and the performing arts, outdoor recreation, volunteer opportunities, mentorship and networking and continuing education. Remote working could play a big role in the local economic development, as well as the future of city planning.

Remote Work Platform

During the pandemic, remote work platform became many people’s new offices in a remote-first world. The overnight shift to distributed work coupled with the frantic adoption of digital tools led to an exponential increase in digital work artifacts scattered across apps, some of which now resemble a graveyard of ‘tried-and-tossed’ tools. From project management to virtual hiring, remote work will play a critical role as organizations make strategic business decisions for 2021 and beyond.

Latest News, Articles and Updates on Remote Work

There has been a lot of discussions and predictions on the future of work trends – from remote work, decentralized workforce, increased focus on innovation, to employee well-being. What trends would you bet on most?


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