Remote Tucson, Working Remotely in The Old Pueblo of Arizona

Remote work program that offer creative, quirky, and delightfully affordable community of Tucson, Arizona.

Debuted on November 2020, Remote Tucson is a pilot program of Startup Tucson that inviting remote workers to discover unexpected adventures in creative, quirky, and delightfully affordable community of the Old Pueblo.

Remote Tucson program is accepting remote workers from any industry. Each will receive money to relocate, free internet, housing support and other incentives that are worth more than $7,500 in total.

Tucson has a little more than half a million people, locals still call it the Old Pueblo, that’s one draw Remote Tucson is banking on. Another is the lack of climatic disasters.

A warm climate, unique culture, low cost of living and opportunity to explore the outdoors are a few of the reasons the program feels remote workers, who can work from any city, may choose to move to Tucson.

To be considered for the Remote Tucson program, applicants should meet all eligibility requirements:

  • Be currently residing outside of Tucson and be able to move to Tucson Within 6 Months of being accepted
  • Full-Time Remote Employment Outside Tucson and Pima County
  • 18+ Years Old
  • Eligible to Work in United States

The program is started with a snowball strategy marketing campaign to attract people who have friends or family or have visited the area before; throughout the process, emphasizing community over cash.

The application has closed. Over 600 applications flooded through in less than a month for just 10 spots, far exceeding the goal of 150 applications.

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