Shift South, Remote Worker Program of Natchez / Adam County

Incentive program that designed to attract remote workers as the COVID-19 pandemic is spurring more online work opportunities.

Introduced on February 2021, ‘Shift South’ is a remote worker incentive program that encourages relocation of workers who have the ability to work remotely in Natchez/Adam County, Mississippi.

Created by Natchez Inc., the Shift South incentive programs offers eligible workers up to $6,000 to offset relocation expenses when they move to Natchez or Adams County, MS.

The purpose of this program is to grow the Natchez/Adams County community by attracting those individuals who can work from home and enjoy the unique quality of life along the bluff of the Mississippi River.

Historic Natchez offers a low cost of living with a high quality of living. From the arts, history, outdoor recreation, festivals, dining and entertainment. The Natchez region holds a place for all cultures.

Eligibility Requirements :

  • Individual shall be employed by an employer outside the Natchez region² and have the ability to work remotely
  • Individual must establish primary residence within the City limits of Natchez, MS and purchase a home valued at no less than $150,000
  • Individual must maintain ownership and residency of their Natchez, MS home for no less than one year – Individual must be 18 years or older
  • Individual must be eligible to work within the United States

With a commitment to purchase a home in Natchez/Adams County valued no less than $150,000, Natchez, Inc. will offer a cash incentive up to $6,000 to off set relocation expenses and assist with the first year’s cost of living.

Natchez, Inc. will reimburse up to $2,500 of relocation expenses and will offer $300 per month
for a 1-year period to assist with initial cost of living expenses.

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