Work from Bermuda Certificate for Remote Workers

One-year residential certificate to work remotely for remote workers and digital nomads.

Debuted on August 2020, ‘Work from Bermuda Certificate” is the Bermuda government’s initiative that offer one-year residential certificate for professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and digital nomads who are able to work remotely, including post-secondary students.

Eligible applicants can submit their completed form, together with supporting documentation and the US$263 fee. Applications will be processed by the Bermuda Department of Immigration, and a response will be provided within five business days.

A “Work from Bermuda” certificate holder is entitled to reside in Bermuda and work remotely for a full year. A certificate holder’s dependent family members may also reside on the island (provided the remote-working family member demonstrates they can financially support their dependents). A separate application is required for each dependent family member, and each application is subject to the prescribed application fee. Renewal of the certificate after 12 months will be subject to a fresh application.

Dependent family members residing on the island may volunteer their time to support Bermuda’s many not-for-profit organisations and registered charities.

Bermuda is Open. You are Welcome.

Just imagine weekends exploring natural wonders, experiencing the island’s rich culture, and making life-changing connections.

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