Working Remotely in Nova Scotia, The New Zealand of North America

If you can do your job from anywhere, do it from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Meet Nova Scotia, The New Zealand of North America. It’s a welcoming place to call home, no matter who you are. A place where children walk to school and play outside. And you can rest easy knowing you and your family are safe.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), Nova Scotia is also among the most affordable places to live in Canada. The average price of a Nova Scotia home was $304,590 (October 2020), compared to the national average of $607,250, in Halifax $388,418 and in Toronto $897,700.

By working remotely in Nova Scotia, you’re never more than 67 km away from the coast. That means beaches, coastal trails and incredible paddling are all right outside your door and waiting to be explored. Pretty sweet place for remote work, right?

Work from Nova Scotia, Endless Beaches video advert
Work from Nova Scotia, Coastal Beauty video advert

Meet the urban life of Nova Scotia. From trend-setting restaurants, world-renowned wineries to craft breweries, that’s the kind of office space that offered by Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is home to world-class infrastructure, from the architecturally celebrated Halifax Public Library to the award-winning international airport. It’s a place where you can experience life at the edge of the country, while still being in the middle of the action.

Work from Nova Scotia, Urban Life video advert

Still not convinced?

Nova Scotia was one of the first provinces in Canada to roll out an extensive fibre-to-the home network. Today, more than 80% of the province has access to broadband and new connections are coming online every day, with a full 99% build targeted for completion in 2023. Plus, as the landing spot for a New York-London transatlantic fibre optic cable, Nova Scotia Internet users enjoy ultra-low latency rates. Reliable high speed internet connection is not a problem.

There are many more reasons to live in Nova Scotia, especially if you’re working remotely. Moreover, on January 2021, Nova Scotia also has launched its own “Work from Nova Scotia” campaign to atrract more people who looking a new place to live because they can now work remotely.

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