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Sounds of Destinations

The new hype on tourism is sounds of destinations. More (and more) Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and tourism marketers want to make sure that (international) holiday makers keep their destination on a bucket list.

Work from Anywhere

Remote working is the new kind of tourism. The world is changing. People is become less physically tied to their working rules and looking for work smart and live better. Digital nomads are the hottest keywords for marketers.

Local Authenticity

Authentic local lifestyles, customs and culture are the true sense of destination. Travellers are no longer satisfied with superficial tourist activities – instead, they’re searching for an in-depth understanding of their travel destinations.

Domestic Tourism

Domestic tourism would be the mainstay of the tourism industry in post-Covid times. Unexplored, unexploited destinations have to be identified and promoted by destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Not just the destination, but the path leading to it as well.

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