Local Authenticity, The Soul of Destination

Authenticity is more about soul of the destination. It's a personal thing that reveals the sense of a place or culture.

Authenticity is the most talked about trend in travel. And when we refer to authenticity, we’re also talking about a brand, service, or territory’s physical and intangible characteristics that make it stand out from the rest.

Tourism is changing so quickly with the global mass tourism trend and overcrowding that it’s important to understand what your ideal visitors are searching for and provide experiences that resonate with those trends.

Identity has turned into a differentiator that lets a destination be relevant for a traveler. One of the short-term challenges for a marketing plan in a destination marketing organization is to achieve this authenticity and maintain it over time.

Latest News, Articles and Updates on Local Authenticity

Authenticity is more about soul than it is about ‘original or traditional’. It’s a personal thing that reveals the sense of a place or culture.


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Crafts of Vietnam

Released for the first time on September 2, 2020, Crafts of Vietnam tell us the stories about craft villages, a place where artisans create products the same way they have for decades. It show us how Vietnam’s time-honoured crafts are made and used in everyday life.

Crafts of Vietnam video campaign
Crafts of Vietnam : Traditional Incense
Crafts of Vitenam : Bamboo Basket Weaving
Crafts of Vietnam : Woodblock Paintings

This is My Chinatown, Visit Singapore

Released for the first time in July 8, 2019, “This is My Chinatown” is series of videos that tell us the (hidden) stories from the diverse district of Singapore’s Chinatown.

This is My Chinatown, Trishaw Uncle
This is My Chinatown, Fu Lin Bar and Kitchen
This is My Chinatown, Native
This is My Chinatown, Anthony The Spice Maker
This is My Chinatown, Peranakan Tiles Gallery

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