Sounds of Destinations, The Rhythm of Travel

Sounds of destination(s) is picking up the moments as the new hype of tourism marketing campaign.

The year is 2020. From Germany to Australia, from Amsterdam to Seoul. From 3D to 8D audio, the sound is the new hype. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and tourism marketers want to make sure that international holiday makers keep their destination on a bucket list.

As we know, travel restrictions are everywhere. Therefore, now more than ever it is important as destination marketers to remind their target travellers of the kinds of experiences that make their destination such a desirable place to visit once travel resumes.

8D Audio

Headphones on! 8D is the new hype of virtual tourism campaign.

8D audio is a new way of listening where the sound engineered to moves around your head and much further away than you would expect from normal headphones.

The 8D audio trend itself has taken off on Youtube and Spotify. And somehow, the 8D audio has now reached the audience’s attention with millions of views on YouTube and Spotify like no other technological audio innovation in the last years.

Expericence Australia in 8D

Tourism Austrlia has released “8D Escapes”, video series of 8D audio powered campaign on September 28, 2020.

Australia in 8D : Introduction, 8D Escapes
White : A Moment of Peace, 8D Escapes
Red : A Moment of Escape, 8D Escapes
Magenta : A Moment of Freedom, 8D Escapes
Green : A Moment of Relaxation, 8D Escapes
Blue : A Moment of Joy, 8D Escapes
Black: A Moment of Inspiration, 8D Escapes

Imagine Korea

Imagine Your Korea has launched Sound Travel, a trip to discover the sounds of Korea by rapper Rick Bridges and producer Squar, and make it to music.

Youth is BLUE, 8D Audio
Discovering The Sounds of Korean Coastal Cities – 8D Audio
Lost in Seoul – 8D Audio Song
Lost in Seoul, The Real Sound of Seoul

Immersive 3D Audio

Sounds of Germany

Released on November 9, 2020, Sounds of Germany 3D audio series created to mark the 250th birthday of one of the greatest musical composers of all-time, Beethoven.

Sounds of Germany
Sounds of Germany, Berlin
Sounds of Germany, Dusseldorf
Sounds of Germany, Stuttgart
Sounds of Germany, Leipzig


Sounds of Amsterdam, 3D Audio

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