Work from Anywhere

The desire and need to live and work anywhere has grown among those who are able to do so. Work from anywhere is the new kind of tourism.

Work from anywhere, work from home, remote working and work remotely are some of the popular terms that embraced by workers and companies when the pandemic persits.

As people got so used to virtual working due to COVID-19, remote working as semi-permanent, or even permanent, working from home is becoming working from any home. Even more, according New York Times and Morning Consult survey, one in three remote workers said they would move to a new city or state if remote working continued.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on travel in 2020. Packing your belongings and taking up a nomadic lifestyle has been a dream for many for quite some time, and some have turned those dreams into realities to live in and work in different locations. With most workers significantly impacted by COVID-19, the desire and need to live and work anywhere has grown among those who are able to do so or fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work from anywhere.

Travel will continue to be less about tourism and more about living, working and connecting safely away from home. This trend will upend traditional vacation seasons and blur the lines between working and traveling.

90 Day Finn, Finland

Launched on November 4, 2020, 90 Day Finn campaign is free 90-day relocation package to Helsinki, Finland, for selected tech professionals.

90 Day Finn Campaign : Lauren
90 Day Finn Campaign : Harinder and Kalle
90 Day Finn campaign: Heini ja Michail

Work from Here by Expedia

Expedia has launched “Work from Here” campaign on December 10, 2020, and it’s aimed to celebrates a new global culture that allows employees the freedom to balance work with travel.

Welcome to Work from Here (WFH) video campaign

Work from Anywhere, Greece

Greece join Dubai and Barbados as remote working destinations, as the parliament passed a new tax law for digital nomads.

Natural Landscpae of Samos Island, Greece
Natural Landscpae of Samos Island, Greece

Remote Work in Dubai by Jumeirah Group

Work smart, live better. New remote working package offer for digital nomads in winter season by Jumeirah Group.

Jumeirah Discover Remote Work, Dubai
Jumeirah Discover Remote Work, Dubai

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